Bride and groom horrify with matching camouflage suit and wedding dress – and people don’t love the bold flowers either

A BRIDE and groom have horrified the web with their matching camouflage suit and wedding dress.

A snap of the happy couple was shared on Reddit, where it prompted an outraged reaction from fellow users.

In the snap, the newlyweds can be seen dressed head to toe in hunting camo, with the groom even wearing a matching waistcoat.

Meanwhile the couple have opted for rather loud accessories in the form of a rainbow bouquet, multicoloured hair for the bride and a bright pink tie for the groom.

Captioning the snap, the OP wrote: “What in the camo is going on here.”

And fellow Redditors were equally outraged, sharing their thoughts in the comments.

One wrote: “I have nothing against camouflage but this is not only too much, combined with the hot pink and rainbow flowers it looks like they couldn’t agree on one theme and mashed two together… to the detriment of everyone’s eyes.”

“Camo AND rainbows…? Do they want to be seen or not?” joked another, while a third wrote, “So. Much. Pattern.”

The photo was shared on the subreddit r/weddingshaming.

The group has almost 151,000 members and is described as a "place to shame wedding themes, brides, grooms, wedding party, in-laws, outlaws, guests, Uncle Bob, vendors… you name it, we shame it!"

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