Can I Convince You That This Sweatshirt-Poncho Is the Must-Have Holiday Item of the Year?

I’ve been shopping Cyber Monday sales all day long and I can tell you right now that the best deal out there is on an oversized sherpa poncho sweatshirt that looks equal parts cheesy and cozy. Here it is in all its glory:

Today, it’s one of Amazon’s Cyber Monday Deals of the Day, which means it is 35 percent off! For roughly $29 to 39 (depending if you want to go sweatshirt material or fuzzy sherpa material), you can surprise and delight any one of your family members or friends with this sweatshirt-blanket hybrid, complete with a central, convenient pocket and hood.

But it’s not only a great gift. Imagine wearing this baby downstairs as you open presents with the rest of your siblings, or eat Christmas dinner?

The laughs! The joy! The holiday spirit!

Anyway, obviously what you do with your Cyber Monday is your own business, but I’ll be judging you if you DON’T buy one of these, especially on such a discount. If nothing else, it would make a great white elephant gift, right? See all my faves, below—all on sale!

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