Cleaning fan shows off the stomach-churning reason you need to wipe down your handrails MUCH more | The Sun

WHEN it comes to cleaning your home, there’s probably quite a lot for you to get through.

But when cleaning it is easy to get swept up in cleaning visible dirt. 

A lot of the time the most important places to clean are the places we touch the most, like door and cupboard handles, TV remotes and handrails.

Tera Nelli is cleaning fan and she has dubbed herself the ‘Queen Of Deep Clean’

Tera has over 438,000 followers online where she tackles tough well over do cleans. 

In a recent video Tera brought to light one area of the home most people don’t clean.

Their handrails.

In a recent video Tera said: “Every time I am cleaning a handrail I question why we all have to shake hands when we meet new people.”

She shows viewers a clip of her spraying her handrails.

The liquid trails down her handrail to her steps and we see the grimy, dirty brown liquid coming off Tera's handrails.

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Tera confessed to cleaning her handrails daily. 

Tera’s video went viral with over 14.8 million views. 

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Many viewers were in disbelief at the stomach churning video.

One commenter said: “This is exactly why my whole family washes our hands as soon as we come through the front door.”

A second commenter said: “Atp [at this point] i just be trusting my immune system.”

Some commenters believed the dirt in Tera’s video was the handrail varnish coming off.

One commenter said: “The varnish IS coming off. If it was obviously dirt it would be a blackish gray color, not a bright brown which is the varnish!”

Another commenter said: “I say a mix of dirt and varnish, especially the lighter brown pieces, they are honey colored. Looks like the varnish to me.”

A commenter suggested: “Paint it white and then you’ll REALLY be able to see how dirty hands are. It’s not that bad lol.”

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