Cleaning fanatic shares the easy way she keep her loo smelling fresh with every flush – but experts aren’t so sure

ONE WOMAN has shared a hack to both disinfect and freshen up your bathroom at the same time.

People are now rushing out for this very pocket friendly product that helps them keep nasty smells away from their toilet, but plumbing experts have warned of the damage it can do.

Taking to her TikTok channel to share the hack that "smells amazing" the woman who posts under its_martinez21 shared a video to show how she used Fabulosa in her bathroom.

Fabulosa is a disinfectant and comes in many different scents, it s also super pocket friendly as many of the products will only set you back £1.

"TikTok made me do it" she posted as she held up the bottle of Fabulosa.

Turning the bottle upside down, the woman pierces the bottom with a knife.


She then lifts the back of the toilet tank and places the bottle in right side up posting "Puro Fabulosa."

Flushing the toilet she shows how purple liquid flushes down the toilet posting "It smells amazing."

The post has racked up a whopping 2.9 million views, but plumbing experts have said that this hack can lead to obstructing your toilet tank.

As reported in Apartment Therapy, Plumbing expert Paul Abrams, a representative from Roto-Rooter, says that this can damage the toilet and obstruct the function.

Abrams discloses that putting a 1.3 litre bottle in the tank will firstly stop the amount of water required for flushing from getting in to the tank.

"The result is that less water will be available to rinse the toilet bowl with each flush hence a less powerful flush" he said.

He also added the chemicals of in an all-purpose cleaner can be damaging for the rubber and plastic materials in the tank.

"It would probably take many months of exposure, possibly more than a year before damage begins affecting toilet performance, but it will likely shorten the life expectancy of some tank part" he said.

Thus he recommends people avoid this hack and instead use toilet tank cleaner tablets that have chemicals only designed for your toilet.

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