Donald Trump pumpkin carvings are the Halloween craze for 2020 as people create terrifying 'Trumpkins'

WITH the election and Halloween looming, it seems there is one man on many people’s mind – Donald Trump.

So many social media users have been combining the two and carving pumpkins that resemble the US President – and the results are terrifying. 

The “Trumpkin” trend is back with a vengeance after it first appeared in 2016 when Trump initially ran for President, and the designs are getting more and more creative. 

People from across the US and even in the UK have shared their own carved orange pumpkins, made to resemble the 45th President. 

Some have even joked that the bright orange colour looks remarkably like Trump’s famous tan. 

Other people have added hats with the slogan “Make Halloween Great Again”, and used wigs to perfect the likeness. 

Some creative Halloween-lovers have used straw to resemble Trump’s iconic blonde hair. 

And a couple have run with the topical theme of Covid-19, to show the President being injected with medication, after he confirmed he had the virus earlier this month. 

One Instagram user captioned their carved creation: “Trumpkin! My first try, wanted a better hairdo but hey so does he.” 

Another wrote: “What do you call Halloween pumpkin that is as orange as Trump’s face and is promising to make Halloween great again? You call it a Trumpkin!”

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