Easy hacks to get your kitchen sparkling & smelling amazing from tackling hidden dirt in sink to grim grease build up

CLEANING your entire kitchen from top to bottom can be a huge task and often time-consuming, but these quick and easy hacks will have everything from your sink to your oven sparkling in no time at all.

We've rounded up the best tricks for sprucing up everything from your kitchen cupboards to the scratches on your fridge.

Cleaning fans and savvy mums have been sharing their go-to methods for tackling chores around the kitchen on social media, so if you're in need of a little inspiration to get cracking on your own, then look no further.

Whether it's using dishwasher tablets to shift stubborn marks or uncovering hidden dirt in the sink with a teaspoon, the results will have you itching to try out these genius hacks for yourself.

They're quick and easy and will have your kitchen good as new in seconds.

Using dishwasher tablets on oven, pans and fridge

Fed up with your oven door looking grimy and smoking up, then ditch your usual cleaning products for a dishwasher tablet and it'll have your oven gleaming.

Dishwasher tablets work a dream on all parts of the over, including the grease-covered bottom and any trays and racks too.

Take a dishwasher tablet, dip it in hot water and lightly scrub away at the oven door glass, keep dipping it back and forth in the water so it stays wet and the grime will come right off.

For oven trays, even less elbow grease is needed.

You can simply fill with hot water, add a dishwasher tablet and then cover with tin foil to leave to soak for a couple of hours.

One mum raved: "After years of using strong chemicals and a tonne of elbow grease to clean my oven I am amazed that all it takes is a dishwasher tablet, warm water and a light scrub.”

Dishwasher tablets work the same way with any pots and pans that have been left looking not so great thanks to stubborn marks and burnt build-up.

Boil the kettle and fill the pans with hot water, throw in a tablet and leave to soak for a little while and your pots and pans should be shiny and new.

"Half fill a saucepan with water, bring to a boil and then let simmer for 10 minutes. I've done this a couple of times and it has completely cleaned my pans," revealed one fan on Facebook.

You can even clean your fridge and leave it smelling as fresh as ever, by using a dishwasher tablet and half a lemon.

Food stains are inevitable and there's nothing more annoying when something leaks and sticks to the shelves.

Remove any food from the shelves before you start and dip a tablet in warm water, place into a lemon with the flat side showing and get to work scrubbing.

Stains should start to lift easily and go over any remaining residue with a damp cloth.

Using toothpaste to remove scratches from stainless steel

Say goodbye to pesky scratches on your stainless steel fridge, oven or microwave, as one mum from Australia has shared a simple trick for banishing them completely.

Mum-of-four, Liz Amaya, revealed her easy three-step process that simply requires whitening toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothpaste.

Layer the toothpaste onto the scratch and scrub using the toothbrush – the abrasiveness of the toothpaste helps to remove the scratch.

Wipe down with a microfibre cloth and finish by wiping over the area with any type of oil to buff the surface and leave it sparkling.

Using flour to get rid of grease build-up on kitchen cupboards

Another place that may be harbouring hidden dirt in your kitchen is your cupboard doors, as one cleaning fan pointed out on Instagram account Blossom.

It turns out your cupboards could be in need of a dire scrub and we're not just talking about its inside shelves. After cooking up a storm, grease can easily build up in grooves of cupboard doors, but all you need to get rid is a packet of flour.

Cover the entire cupboard face in flour and then use a piece of card to scrape off the layers of grease.

Using a teaspoon to tackle hidden dirt in sink plug hole

Cleaning the sink is already gross enough, but Mrs Hinch revealed that there's probably a hidden pocket of dirt that you've never known needs some TLC.

She had fans floored when she shared her secret teaspoon hack that uses the spoon to unscrew the plug hole and release the plate.

She showed how dirt can build up underneath and often go unnoticed – probably causing the kitchen drains to smell.


To clean, the influencer swears by putting a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda over the plug hole and pouring white vinegar over the top, before following with boiling water.

The combo react together to easily clean the inside of the sink pipes, with Mrs Hinch adding a trusty splash of Zoflora to leave her drains smelling amazing too.

Using fabric softener to leave your entire kitchen smelling great

Once you've completed your clean and your kitchen is sparkling, why not make sure that it's left smelling amazing too – just as amazing as fresh laundry.

One woman revealed how she keeps her home smelling great by using fabric softener in every room in a how-to video on her TikTok account MyMammyBetterThanUrs.

Louise explained how she puts the plug in her sink and adds a capful of fabric softener over the top.

All you have to do is pop the plug in your freshly cleaned sink, add boiling water from the kettle and leave it overnight.

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