I caught my boyfriend cheating when he was asleep – he had dating profiles looking for friends with ‘secret benefits’

IT'S heart-breaking when you find out your loved one is not someone you thought they were – but it hurts even more to realise they're cheating on you.

This 27-year-old has, unfortunately, found herself in this position after having a quick glance at her boyfriend's phone.

The Redditor described the events that led to her questioning their relationship and was seeking help from others to see how to bring up a discussion about the issue.

According to the devastated woman, her boyfriend was falling asleep with his phone in his hands.


“I looked over and,'' as one would expect in such a situation, “saw on the screen a photo of a woman.''

“At first, I thought it was Instagram, but as I looked closer I realized it was a profile on a dating website called "secret benefits,'' '' she told the readers.

After a further inspection of the profile and his inbox, she proceeded to wake him up and confronted him about the findings.

“ "Secret benefits? This hurts,'' she said.

After her partner, 41, laughed and shrugged it off, she walked away to look up the website – and found out it was a dating site for "wealthy and successful" men.

The boyfriend – the two have been together for two years -, of course, resorted to denying it all.

His explanation?

“It was a spam email that he accidentally clicked on while falling asleep,'' she wrote.

Trying to avoid any potential drama, he then claimed that it was “one of those sites that tries to have you pay in order to see the messages received from those "hot sexy singles in your area!" ''

Although they live together and she desperately wants to believe there's nothing there, she also said it was difficult to think “a website could make a profile with your picture, and add a description all without your actual permission.''

“My feelings are hurt, and my trust has been lost.''

Those who read the heart-breaking story suggested she confronted the boyfriend without any hesitation.

“This stuff will eat you up,'' wrote one, “Trust me on that.''

He also added: “To be honest, this guy is a c**t to be acting this way and you should dump him but I’d give the option of talking first, but don't give him any wiggle room!''

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