I found out my boyfriend was dating FOUR women behind my back – so we teamed up to get the ultimate revenge

DISCOVERING you're being cheated on is always a huge blow.

But one woman had that four times over – when she found out her boyfriend was dating multiple women behind her back.

Michaela*, 27, from London, contacted the four women and they teamed up to get the ultimate revenge.

The client relationship adviser said: "I was dating this guy for half a year.

"I had connections with all the other women, he wasn't even discreet about it. 

"I think he wanted to get caught to look like the 'top dog' or as if he was a man in demand.

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"I followed one of the women on social media and she followed me.

"She posted a photo at The Shard and he posted one too. I could see him in the reflection of her image, which is when I first realised he was seeing other women.

"One of the girls he was dating was the doctor who did my fillers. Another was friends with my cousin, one was at a party I attended.

"I eventually reached out to all of the girls and I decided to confront him."

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After Michaela made sure the other girls knew the truth, they ALL dumped him.

She adds: "I was at a party with one of the girls and he was at a pub.

"I told him I was coming to see him with her and he kicked off and told me not to. 

"I wasn't that bothered in the end as I was already put off him. We were 
basically broken up at that point.

"One of the other girls also told me she had confronted him later on. And we all left him."

I could see him in the reflection of her image, which is when I first realised he was seeing other women

However, the bombshell made four best friends out of the ordeal and believes it taught her a lot about female empowerment.

She added: "This all happened a few years ago and were all still close friends.

"I didn't feel as though I was pitted against other women or had to fight over a man because they're all amazing girls.

"If anything, I thought he had really good taste. We're quite similar. We're withdrawn and timid so he definitely has a type. 

"I don't hold anything against him because I feel like we all won in that 
scenario and walked away with a great group of friends.

"It taught me a lot about myself and supporting other women.

"It isn't the other women's fault, we were all played by the same guy so I 
don't see why it would make me resent them at all. 

"The funny thing is, he tries to stay in touch but none of us are interested. We've walked away stronger."

*Michaela is not her real name.

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