I have a dad-bod but women think I'm hot & can't get enough of my grey sweatpants and what's under my work t-shirts | The Sun

EVERYONE has a type when it comes to finding the right partner. 

But one thing’s for sure – we all love a hot dad, and they come in all shapes and sizes. 

Chris Myers is the latest hot dad to attract attention on TikTok.

The single dad from America has 185,000 followers on his social media page, and the compliments keep rolling in for his blush-inducing clips. 

Chris – who calls himself southerngentleman91 – is a dad-of-two and regularly posts videos of himself driving his truck and winking at the camera. 

He’s also a fan of whipping off his t-shirts and stripping down to jeans and a cowboy belt to give the ladies a look at his hairy dad-bod.

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Chris describes himself as a ‘good old country boy’ and in a recent clip he says it’s ‘hell’ being a single full time dad. 

Over 230,000 people have tuned in to watch this clip alone, in which Chris poses in a pair of dirty jeans with a thick brown belt, a grey sweatshirt and a cap. 

Chris pulls his thumb from his jeans pocket and takes off his hat to reveal a crop of thick brown hair. 

He then leans into the camera with his arms crossed to show fans his bearded face, before giving a quick wink. 

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Women can’t get enough of Chris’ hot clips, with lusting ladies calling him cute, hot and gorgeous. 

“I bet you are an awesome dad but you are welcome to talk to me anytime,” one user invited.

“I want HIM,” declared another.

Some invited him to change his single dad status by being their boyfriend, while others made plans to move house just to be near him.

“I swear why are the boys in Georgia so damn fine?!” exclaimed a lusting user.

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“I’m stuck on the single part… I really don’t see how you’re single, then you add the dad part.. Dear Lord!” gushed a second. 

In another clip, Chris shows off his shirtless body for the ladies. 

The dad gazes into the camera while sporting nothing but a pair of jeans and a white cap placed backwards on his head. 

The shot gives viewers a look at his hairy dad-bod, including a belly and an unfinished tattoo on his chest. 

Among streams of fire and heart-eyed emojis, women couldn’t help but share their genuine reactions. 

“Please don’t delete this my God,” pleaded one lusting lady. 

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“Don’t mind me, just falling in love,” declared a second.

And a third said Chris was at the top of her Christmas list: “My Christmas present.”

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