I have seven kids but people can’t tell I’m the mum when we all hang out together – I look younger than most of them | The Sun

LET'S be honest, we'd all feel pretty smug if we got mistaken for being our kids' sibling rather than their parent.

But for Sparkle Wash, it's a daily occurrence that leaves people stunned.

The mum of seven, from the US, regularly shares videos of her family on social media, alongside her husband, Orlando.

But it has left many shocked as they assumed she was in fact one of the children thanks to her baby-face.

In one particular clip, the 33-year-old posed with her seven children, the eldest being 15 and the youngest being two.

"When they thought I was done after one kid," she wrote.


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"When you thought it was over, more popped up!"

Sparkle wore beige leggings and a black long sleeved T-shirt as she and her children danced in front of the living room fireplace.

The US-based family are known for sharing relatable, funny, family videos on TikTok, but often it's Sparkle's youthful appearance that catches attention.

The viral video was inundated with comments from viewers claiming they thought she was a child.

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One person commented: "And mama looking like one of the kids."


Someone else added: "Why did I think there was 8 lol I thought she was the first kid that was on there but I looked at some more videos she just look really young. Love it."

Sparkle also revealed that she has been pregnant for ten years, her first being in 2006 when she was just 16 years old.

The couple have been together for 17 years, and have four girls and three boys together.

But it seems the mum has no plans to extend the family, content with being pregnant for 15 years.

The family's TikTok account @mr_mrs_wash is clearly a firm-favourite with many as they boast over 5million followers and over 160million likes.

Many praised sparkle for her wonderful family, one wrote: "Well done mamma. Beautiful children."

Another agreed: "Beautiful family you were blessed with. Lovely children."


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"Giiiiirl! You look like everyone’s big sis! Killin' it mama!" penned a third.

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