I left school at 15 and have earned enough to buy a five-bed home and flash car by 21 – here's how

A SCOTS OnlyFans model has told how stripping off for subscribers earned her enough cash to buy a five bedroom home and flash car at the age of 21.

Megan Diamond, from Broughty Ferry, left school at 15 to do an admin apprenticeship which paid under £600 a month – a sum she now makes from just a few hours of webcamming.

She later became a care worker and found the job too draining and needed something new.

After watching a TV documentary about the sex industry, Megan met a fellow model named Christina May who told her about the opportunities on OnlyFans.

Now the online star,  who is in the top 0.3 per cent of the platform’s users, recommends the service to anyone.

Megan, who also has half a million followers on Instagram and Twitter, says: “I have always been money motivated and was beginning to question what my future would look like with doing care work as I’ve always dreamed of owning my home and living a life of luxury.

“I started off doing adult webcamming and just from that I was able to move to Glasgow and rent a lovely two bedroom apartment in the city centre, which cost me £1,500 a month at the age of 19. 

“My rent alone was more than my old monthly wage working in a care home where I was doing 40 plus hours every week.

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“Sometimes in life you just need to take a step back and re-evaluate your life and think of where you dream to be in 10, 20 or even 30 years time. 

“It’s a sad fact that most of us work to live day by day and struggle to make ends meet.

"I feel the system is made to make people fail in life and to work crazy hours for very little pay.

“People are struggling to support their families even with both parents working and that’s where my life was heading, I didn’t want that.”

I’m an OnlyFans star – Men are cool with my job until we start dating, then they always ask the same thing

She adds: “OnlyFans has been a total life changer for me and has given me so many amazing opportunities that I never thought were achievable for someone my age. 

“I’ve managed to buy a beautiful new build five bedroom house and I have outright purchased an Audi A3 convertible.

“After Christmas I’m going to treat myself to my dream car – a new white Range Rover Evoque. 

“And now I’m looking to upgrade my house to a luxury penthouse in Glasgow city centre or Central London.

“2022 is going to be my year. I'm in the middle of starting my own property business too which I will be investing my OnlyFans money into.”

Megan admits that she does face criticism from people who disagree with her career choice.

I love the way my body looks and I've never felt so confident

But far from hiding her working life, she thinks it’s important to show that she’s confident in her own skin.

And that’s why she’d even recommend OnlyFans to people who want to take control of their own destiny.

Megan says: “Doing OnlyFans is a job which is obviously going to be criticised and be frowned upon.

“It’s a job where you need to make sure you can handle the hate and sometimes lose friendships and family along the way. 

“People will say I have no self-respect for being on OnlyFans but that’s not true – I would say it’s the complete opposite. 

“I love the way my body looks and I’ve never felt so confident and good about myself in all of my life. 

“As long as I am happy that is all that matters to me.”

Megan adds: "I think that OnlyFans is an amazing platform for anyone to join.

“It has given me nothing but confidence, happiness, wealth and freedom. 

“Any adult can do OnlyFans, it doesn’t matter your age, height, weight, skin colour, gender, sexuality, disabilities or anything else. 

“There is market in this industry for everyone and that is one of the reasons why I love it so much.”

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