I live in my car and use Wetherspoon's as my bathroom and kitchen – it’s tough but not as bad as people think | The Sun

A YOUNG man who has been living in his car for the majority of 2023 has given an insight into exactly how he manages to get by. 

And he has also revealed his savvy money saving hacks which help him to survive whilst he’s on the road. 

Luke, who goes by the name of ‘Homeless Hacks’ on TikTok, has shared a number of videos which reveal his hygiene routine and sleeping arrangements. 

The homeless man has also revealed how he manages to turn his backseat into a bed which includes homemade curtains for privacy. 

In one video, he showed his followers a “day in the life of living in my car.” 

Luke’s profile caption explains how he wants to show his followers how he survives.



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Filming himself, he says: “OK so first of the day is going back to Wetherspoon's, grab a cheap breakfast and change my clothes.”

He purchases one small breakfast for £2.09 which includes a sausage, beans, bacon and fried egg. 

Luke: “Also while I'm eating breakfast, I am also making use of the plug sockets so I can charge my phone.” 

Once he has finished his breakfast, he will use their toilets to go and get ready for the day.

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Luke adds: “The next stop of the day is actually cleaning out my car. 

“This is something that I try to do once a week, or once every two weeks but I can’t lie, I've let it build up recently. 

“Now some people might think this is a waste of money but to be honest it only costs £1 or £2 depending on what petrol station you’re at and it’s important to keep my car clean because obviously it is my home as well. 

“After I’ve finished cleaning my car, I decided to stop off at a local skatepark to get some exercise.

“After I was done skating, I stopped off and got some petrol for my car.

“Just a quick side note, I’ve actually been in contact with a housing association recently and they’ve actually agreed to give me a meeting next week., so fingers crossed about that.”

Luke has a number of videos which explain his living situation. 

He says: “I have been essentially living out of my car for the majority of 2023. 

“It’s been a long road, but I’ve learnt some really useful tricks and I’ve also seen some really interesting things.”

And in another video, explains how he uses a local pub to wash and brush his teeth. 

Luke also makes money by buying clothes from charity shops and selling them on Vinted. 

He says: “The money that I make from the side hustle helps go towards feeding me and also keeping petrol in the car.”

Luke explained that he also stops off at the gym to have a shower.

He has managed to gather over 21.3k TikTok followers, with many often tuning in to hear his everyday life story. 

And hundreds rush to the comments section to share their thoughts and ask questions. 

One wrote: “How do you afford petrol, tax, insurance, MOT and repairs?” 

Luke replied: “I budget my universal credit to cover the expenses of my car first.” 

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Another added: “You look so together and have such a great attitude – wishing you all the luck.” 

A third said: “Hope everything works out. I work for a homeless charity so I understand how tough it can get..hopefully some local people show you some love.” 

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