I made £30k with an easy side hustle & can jet off on holiday whenever I want – trolls say there’s no way but here’s how | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she made £30k with an easy side hustle and revealed how she did.

Anya who is from the UK revealed in a TikTok video exactly what she did to get started.

On her TikTok account, @digitalsbyanya, she said: "Here is how I was able to make £30,000 on Etsy, I did this by selling digital products."

The savvy woman spotted it was a trend during lockdown while she was at college and decided to jump in on the side hustle.

Anya revealed she spent a month researching how to do it, using a website called Verank to find keywords and trends that she could use when selling to boost her business.

From there, she decided to make digital mental health diaries and planners to sell online.


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She then looked at what her competitors were doing and how much they sold their products for.

She focused the next month on designing her online planners and then began to put them on her Etsy shop.

Anya added: "I actually think I got the most sales from outsourcing like marketing on other social media apps, interest was a big one, TikTok, Instagram."

"It did take about a month to get my first sale but as I started to build up customer reviews I was able to start pricing products higher and ultimately making more sales."

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Despite explaining exactly how she managed to make thousands of pounds with her side hustle, some people were dubious.

One wrote: "Oh my days, if you think ANYONE believes that you make that kind of money then you are THICK."

Showing the haters that her claims are true, she posted another video responding to the comment.

In the video, Anya can be seen boarding a plane and jetting off on a luxury holiday.

She said: "This is just screaming jealous behaviour.

"I'm humble about how much I make, but when I come on here to teach you all for free and take time out of my day to teach you all how to make money, and then I get called a liar and get hated on.

"Yeah, it kind of irks me the wrong way."

She then showed a snap of her revenue from Etsy for the month.

By April 10, Anya had already made over £1,300 on her planners.

She also revealed she had other streams of income from paid partnerships, social media, and trading sites.

The side hustle pro has amassed over 23k followers on the video-sharing app, and many took to the comments to praise her for her hard work.

One person wrote: "People genuinely don’t like to see other people do good especially off social media etc."

Another commented: "Good for you, girl!!! Thank you for what you do!"

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