I tattooed myself with semi-permanent makeup because I wanted a cute blush look – things took a turn midway through | The Sun

AN ARTIST who tattooed blusher onto her face told people to “mind their business” if it looked uneven.

Maria Arceo warned that one side of her face may be pinker because the pain was too much to handle by the time she started on the second cheek.

The tattoo artist ran a gun filled with pink ink back and forth over the apples of her cheeks.

She also did the tip of her nose which made her eyes water and then the bridge – dubbing this the most painful part.

Posting the process on Tik Tok, she subtitled on the video: “What is life?

“Why do I do these things to myself?

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“Therapy would be less painful. Yet here I am, stabbing my face.

“Who hurt me? Who hurt me so bad I seeked this existence?”

Semi-permanent blusher is becoming a popular treatment for giving colour to the face and reducing dullness. 

It is officially done with a microneedling device to pump light and rosy shades of micro pigment into the cheeks.

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The end goal is to create a soft and subtle blush effect across the face.

However, Maria used a tattoo gun with regular ink – rather than micro pigment – to achieve her finished look.

She later shared a video of the semi-permanent blush a day after she had needled it into her skin.

The tattoo artist showed the results in indoor and outdoor lighting, and told viewers she will post an update when it has fully healed.

She added that it will likely last a year before it needs topping up.

People flocked to the comments to weigh in on her new look, with many unsure if they could get on board with the 24/7 blush. 

One critic penned: “And this, dear friends, is someone who doesn't think about the future.”

Another said: “Some people shouldn't be allowed near a tattoo gun.”

Others compared it to skin condition rosacea which causes red patches and visible blood vessels on the face. 

However, other viewers flocked to Maria’s defence and said they were “obsessed” with her new look.

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One said: “Woah, you look like art.”

A second gushed: “I have naturally blushy cheeks and this makes me feel so appreciated.”

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