I tried an instant lip filler patch to try to boost my pout – I didn’t expect much but the results were insane | The Sun

NOWADAYS injectable lip fillers are easily accessible and affordable to many. 

So for this reason people are looking for more natural methods to give their lips a plumper look. 

Many brands have come up with new and inventive ways for getting lip filler style results to consumers in little to no time. 

So cue the introduction of lip filler patches.

Mireya Rios is a beauty influencer with over 4.4 million followers on influencer. 

In a recent video she tested lips filler patches to see if they would boost her pout.

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She said: “These are instant lip filler patches.”

Mireya said the patches claim to: “Plump lips in 30 minutes. Let's see if this actually works.”

Mireya explained how the product worked.

She said: “It says it has 400 tiny little mircrodart needles. The little needles dissolve when they come in contact with the skin.”

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The instant lip filler micro-dart patch is selling for £7 online and the product says it uses collagen and hyaluronic acid to boost skin on and around the lips.

After 30 minutes Mireya could feel the product working.

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She said: “These instant lip filler patches are no joke.”

She continued. “It’s literally burning. I feel like my lips are about to fall off.”

Mireya gently pulled the lip filler patches off and said she could see the difference.

She said: “It literally looks like I got lip filler. This is crazy.”

Mireya’s video gained over 900,000 views. 

But viewers were not so sure they could see a difference between Mireya's before and after videos.

One commenter said: “You can eat a flame grilled jalapeño and it’ll have the same effect.”

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Another commenter said: “I look like it just left a rash girl.”

One commenter even suggested: “If they burn your lips, they’re damaging the fragile skin on your lips.”

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