I used fake tan to contour my face instead of make-up… here’s how I got on | The Sun

WE can all agree that contouring is an art.

It has the potential to completely change your appearance, but it does take quite a bit of time.

One influencer decided to cut her makeup time short but applying self tanner to her face instead of contour.

In a video Rachel said: “Trying the whole 'oh contour with self tanner thing' and I’m gonna show you how it looks and I’m not gonna put makeup on to smooth it out like the other people do.”

Rachel said she has seen other influencers try the hack but wasn’t sure if they were being truthful with their results.

She said: “I know you guys put on makeup, there’s no way it looks that clean .. and I went in, so were really gonna see.” 

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Rachel used the Bali body self tanner it’s £28.95 and they recommend you leave the product on for 1 hour.

In a follow up video Rachel shared her results.

Rachel: “As much as I wanna say that they're liars and scammers who love robbery and fraud." 

"I mean it's not bad, it’s not defined as we wanted but it’s not a lie. I mean I could get better at this." 

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Rachel said: “I could see myself doing the eyes weekly but the rest of it just get some concealer to clean it up."

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Rachel concluded: "Would I recommend it? Yes. If you're gonna do it, go down your neck, might as well do your whole body."

One commenter said: “And it looks SO GOOODD looks really really natural and glowy absolutely gorgeous”.

Another commenter said: “It’s so beautiful BUT how do you do your skin care with it??? My skin needs to be nourished not clogged”.

Here are some tips if you are thinking about trying this hack.

Exfoliate your face the day before application. 

Follow with your favourite moisturiser to stop your skin feeling dry.

When you're ready to apply your self tan, give your face a good cleanse. 

After cleansing, try splashing your face with cold water to tighten your skin for a flawless base.

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