I work in McDonald’s and there are five types of customers we totally hate – pregnant women are way too fussy for one | The Sun

A MCDONALD'S worker has revealed the five types of customers she hates.

The young woman who goes by @des.gusting on TikTok admitted that some customers got under her skin.

The 'cheeseburger gyal' said: "Types of customers at McDonald's," as she listed her least favourite people to serve.

The first is the impatient type, as she acted out how each customer acts when being called to the till to order their food.

Before saying hello, the customer instantly starts spouting their discount code to the McDonald's worker.

After asking the customer to slow down, they instantly roll their eyes and start repeating the code as slowly as possible.


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Next up, was the pregnant customer – who is always way too fussy.

"Can I get a cheeseburger with no pickles, no cheese, no sauces, no onions, no bun as well, and just like nothing really because I'm extremely, extremely pregnant," says the customer.

Confused, the young woman asks: "So…. no cheeseburger?"

But she was clearly wrong as the customer announced: "No, exactly what I said and make sure everything is fresh because I'm really, really pregnant, like, pregnant."

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And the person who tries to order the veggie burger is also on the most hated list.

The McDonald's worker revealed that not all McDonald's offer the veggie burger but people will still come in demanding it.

"Can I get a veggie burger?" they asked, she replied: "We don't do a veggie burger."

But once again, the customer is always right, "Um yes you do because I ordered one last week and I always order one," they retorted.

"Well it must not have been at this McDonald's because we don't sell a veggie burger," she replied.

The next worst customer is the annoying drunk girls who come in after a night out.

The young woman revealed this group is often way too drunk to actually get an order through and spends their time giggling at the till rather than letting the worker know what they want.

The final customer that annoys the McDonald's worker is the one who purposely tries to spend more money without needing to.

Instead of ordering a meal, the customer will order each item separately.

She asked: "Did you want to put that in a combo just to make it a bit cheaper?"

Clearly annoyed by the question, the customer replied: "Did I ask to put it in a combo? No, I want it exactly how I told you to order it."

After apologising and letting the customer know it would be cheaper, they doubled down on their order, saying: "I didn't ask to make it cheaper for me."

The video has since gone viral with over 112k views and over 23k likes.

People took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Why is this so true."

Another commented: "The drunk girls are so accurate."

"When they give me attitude and they order everything separate I leave it so that they pay more money than they should," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Bro the impatient onesss triggered my fight or flight."

"TOO ACCURATE," claimed a fifth.

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