If you have Britain's most beautiful hands, you can get £500 to show them off

Have you ever found yourself doing some chores and thought: ‘damn, I have nice hands’?

If so, then have we got a job for you.

Watchmaking brand Seksy is looking for Britain’s most attractive pair of hands to show off their watches.

Obviously, they don’t just want any Tom, Dick or Harry so the brand is searching for the most preened and prepped hands to try out its latest collection, Seksy Edge.

The lucky model will be paid £500 for the gig and gets to take the watches home. Sweet.

As well as receiving these perks, the model will also become the official ‘hands’ of the new Seksy Edge collection, featuring in the latest campaign on its website and social media channels in the new year.

They’re saying the role will provide a, er, ‘hand’s on experience’ (we can’t take responsibility for that pun).

And, of course, you’ll get the coveted title of Britain’s Next Top Hand Model.

The lucky applicant will be paid to try out all seven designs in the range and then report back to the folks at Seksy.

They will have to provide feedback on wearability, style, and versatility.

Helen Carnall, brand manager at Seksy, said: ‘As a brand, we’re renowned for our standout designs and bold styles, which take inspiration from jewellery and the latest catwalk trends.

‘That’s why we’re searching for our first ever hand model to become our ‘hand ambassador’ and showcase our latest collection.

‘From perfect nails to the right accessories, we’re searching for the owner of Britain’s most beautiful hands to come forward and “raise a hand” for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

She added: ‘So, if you’ve got a passion for fashion, love a manicure, and you think you might have what it takes to be our first official hand model, then we want to hear from you.’

To apply for the role, aspiring hand models need to visit the Seksy website by Tuesday 17 December and upload an image of their hand.

Best of luck.

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