I'm 35 but everyone thinks I'm my teen daughter's sister – people gush over how ‘beautiful’ & ‘amazing’ I look

ONE MUM has gone viral on social media after leaving people so convinced that she is her teenage daughter's sister.

TikTok user Leticia Gardner is mum to her 16-year-old daughter, but often finds that people think she too is in high school.

She regularly shares videos with her lookalike teen daughter online and the comments are always flooded with people questioning how the two are related.

If they're not mistaken for sisters, people presume the pair are "friends" and are regularly telling Leticia just how "beautiful" and "amazing" she looks.

Mum-of-two Leticia, 35, had her eldest daughter when she was 19 years old.

The two are often seen making TikTok videos together and flooring Leticia's followers when they realise the nature of their relationship.

"YOU ARE NOT A MOM!! You're so young!! Omg you're beautiful," wrote one person underneath a video of Leticia and her mini-me lip syncing to a Khalid song.

Another said: "They look like sisters omg," while a third agreed: "Y'all look like sisters or besties."

In the video Leticia had labelled who is the mum and who is the daughter out of the pair, with one person adding: "Thanks for the explanation, couldn't tell which was the mom."

In another video, Leticia is seen dancing around in the pool with her daughter – again labelling who is who – with one person commenting: "Wait a minute you look younger than your daughter."

Another joked: "Am I the only one seeing two sisters?"

Fans of the pair were curious to know more about their relationship, prompting Leticia to share a throwback photo of herself when she was 19 and pregnant.


It led to other young mums sharing their own stories, with one woman commenting on her post: "I was 17 with my daughter. I am now 32 and she is 15. She is my best friend."

Leticia has revealed on her TikTok page that she raised her eldest daughter as a single mum while still in her teens, before finding love again and tying the knot.

She later welcomed a second daughter with her husband, but insists that being a mum of two kids – one being in high school – and in her 30s doesn't mean she's "too old" to be posting on TikTok.

That didn't stop her quizzing her followers, as she shared a funny video of her lip-syncing while all dressed up in her swimwear.

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She mimes: "Am I too old to be here? Does it look weird that I'm here? Am I hotter than these little b****es?"

Leticia captioned her post: "When you're 35 and Tiktoking… I just have to ask! I do have a whole kid in high school lol #tiktoking #over30 #over30sclub #namethatmovie."

Fans couldn't believe that Leticia was in her 30s, with one commenting: "35? You look 20," and another posting: "You look like 20 omg."

"I am 34 and just joined. From your other posts I thought you were still in your 20s, so you definitely didn't even look over 30," said one more.

Clearly a fan, one person gushed: "You are the hottest woman on this entire app!!"

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