I'm a cleaning pro – there’s a surprising solution to cloudy shower doors, it won’t scratch the glass if you do it right | The Sun

KEEPING your shower doors clean and sparkling can be a challenge, especially when hard water and soap scum enter the picture.

The solution to your dingy doors may come as a shock, but experts revealed one handy tool can fix the most stubborn spots.

The trick comes from the home pros at Taste of Home, who explained why your shower doors get so cloudy in the first place.

"Cloudy doors are caused by hard water buildup (mostly calcium deposits)," the experts wrote.

When you're tackling everyday buildup, a simple solution of vinegar and dish soap can break the calcium down.

You can use lemons and kosher salt, too, if you want your shower to have a fresh smell.

But what about cloudiness that seems permanent? Believe it or not, steel wool is a safe and effective solution, the experts said.

"For heavy-duty stains, try using extra fine steel wool," the pros at Taste of Home wrote.

The trick is to look for sheets of steel wool with a grade of #0000.

"It won’t scratch the glass but will help dislodge mineral buildup," the experts said.

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"Wipe the door with a sheet of dry steel wool, going from top to bottom in a circular motion." When you rinse, you should see mineral deposits fall away.

You can also spray the shower doors with vinegar, leave it overnight, and rinse, then buff any remaining residue with steel wool to spot-treat.

Once your doors are sparkling clean, practice good hygiene – home hygiene, that is – to keep them that way.

The best way to do so is letting your bathroom dry out after showers, so water doesn't sit on the doors and create buildup.

"Dry the doors with a cloth or squeegee after each shower," the experts advised. "When not in use, leave the shower door ajar to allow air ventilation."

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Post-shower, make sure you rinse away soap and body products from the shower walls, doors, floors, and the tracks your door rests on.

You can also give your shower a good spray-down with vinegar every week to keep calcium and other minerals at bay.

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