I’m a crunchy mum – when my baby’s clothes get too stained to wear I use them as toilet paper instead

A CRUNCHY mum has divided opinion after revealing she uses her baby's clothes as reusable toilet paper when they become too stained for him to wear.

Alice is a regular TikTok poster through the Crunchy IPad Baby account, and recently shared a video explaining how she makes use of son Fern's clothes after he's done with them.

"When baby Fern’s clothes get too stained to wear… they become toilet paper," she wrote over a video of herself placing several stained short-sleeved vests on top of the toilet cistern.

"You’re my biggest life inspiration," one person commented on the video.

While another added: "Yoooo that is so smart Alice! But id be way too sentimental to wipe my butt with a favourite onesie."

"That’s actually genius especially because the fabric of the clothes is softer than the towels," a third concurred.

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"You should cut them up though for easier use," someone else suggested.

Others shared their own tips on reusing stained baby clothes.

"We tie dye all our stained onesies," one wrote.

"Dye them with natural things like turmeric or beet juice," another person wrote.

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Alice is currently pregnant with her second child, and is planning a home birth.

She's not revealed the gender of the tot, but has told her followers that she and her husband are considering a "fruit" name for the baby.

When someone suggested "clementine", she replied that the fruit name her husband had come up with was one she'd never heard used as a moniker before.

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"Pineapple? Pine and Fern ? Super cute!!!!!" one person wondered.

While another commented: "Awww, baby Kumquat."

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