I’m a decluttering pro – people always make 11 mistakes when they spring clean but it’s so simple to solve

SPRING is a great time to get organised and declutter everything from your wardrobe to your living space. 

As the season changes along with the brighter evenings, getting those dust collectors out of sight can give a spring fresh mind. 

Lizzie Grant, founder of Declutter on Demand, says by decluttering and organising your clothes now “you can enjoy the transition into the warmer months”.

And so she has given her biggest and easiest top tips to avoid the mistakes people make and get a seasonal refresh. Lizzie says before you begin, think about your ultimate goal.

It could be to have a wardrobe made up of “seasonal appropriate clothing” or “appropriate clothes you love to wear” and even “to change your buying habits.”

She says this will be able to keep you “focussed” and “motivated” when decluttering your wardrobe.

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Lizzie then says it’s best to start trying your things on, because it is all about “how it fits and makes you feel.”

She added: “So if you’re dithering about getting rid of something, try it on.”

This is then followed by tackling one category of clothes at a time rather than having one “big blitz spring clear-out”.

Lizzie adds: “However, this approach often means decision fatigue kicks in halfway through leading you to make decisions you later regret.

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“To avoid this, sort through one category of clothes at a time.”

The decluttering pro then goes on to say that everyone should ask themselves the important question of, “Do I love it and wear it? If not, why not? Would I buy it again now?”

She also adds: “Don’t keep clothes which make you feel bad about yourself.

“For example, if you have held on to an expensive winter coat that you didn’t wear again this year, it is time to let go of it and the guilt surrounding it.”

“Be kind to yourself and let go of those pieces which no longer bring joy to your life or serve a positive purpose for you.”

Assign yourself a numerical limit of how many items of clothing you want to keep for each category.

Lizzie says to think about how often your laundry gets done and how many pieces of clothing in each category you need between washes.

And while you’re decluttering your clothes, Lizzie recommends taking the opportunity to clean the wardrobe itself.

She says: “Keep things fresh by popping a fragrance bag in with the clothes so that when you get them out later in the year, they will smell lovely.”

Another question to ask yourself is ‘what can I wear it with?’

Don’t keep clothes which make you feel bad about yourself

And take the opportunity to reorganise the wardrobe as it is, because “if an item doesn’t have a specific space to live in which is easily accessible, the entire wardrobe will quickly become messy and cluttered.”

Lizzie’s basic organisation rules to live by include storing similar items together, ensuring you can easily put back and pull out items and drawer dividers and vacuum packs for helping to maximise space.

And once you’ve made a decision on the items you don’t want, Lizzie says to make money by selling them on sites like Vinted or donate them to charity.

The last two important to avoid the mistakes are evaluating your shopping habits, and making a “maybe box.”

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Lizzie says if you are a “comfort buyer” take note and change it, think “sustainably and responsibility.”

And creating a maybe box is great for when you feel uncomfortable about letting certain things go and if you’ve survived six months without going in there, then ditch it.

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