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A DOG expert has shared an urgent warning to look out for the most dangerous dog breed in the world. 

Canine behaviourist Will Atherton claims there are two breeds that top the list of most violent and aggressive dogs which, if owned, could be a disaster. 

Sharing the announcement online, he asked: “What are the most dangerous dog breeds in the world? 

“I’m a canine behaviourist. I work with dogs when they go wrong and often when they go terribly wrong. 

“I think the recipe for disaster when it comes to the most dangerous dog breeds in the world are dogs that are bred to be incredibly independent, they’re bred to be aggressive and violent towards other people or other animals and they’re bred to be incredibly large and powerful.” 

According to Will, the breeds that fit the bill most are livestock guardians – these are the dogs who work on the land and protect cattle and other animals from hungry predators. 

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But what breeds are they? And could we own them? 

Will explains: “Breeds like the Turkish Kangal or Caucasian Shepherd are bred to work on their own, fight incredibly dangerous predators to the death if required, and don’t like people making decisions for them.

“Although they’re not very common dog breeds, when people do have them and it goes wrong, it usually goes terribly wrong.”

While they’re not very common here in the UK, a few owners have come forward to share their views on their pups – and they claim their dogs are very hard work. 

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One user said: “I have a Kangal. He works very hard, is leash trained but does not recall or take commands.”

A second replied: “Caucasian Shepherds are good dogs but need good training. My Caucasian listens so well and is such a good boy. Strong, intelligent and powerful.” 

And a third admitted their terrible mistake: “I made this horrible mistake. After six months, I realised I was a horrible owner for this innocent and proud pup. 

“It took six months to find the right owner for him.”

Other followers have joked that Will has got it totally wrong and the big dogs are softies – it’s the smallest breeds you need to watch or they’ll be biting at your heels. 

One user joked: “Just the Chihuahuas laughing in the corner.” 

While Kangals and Caucasian Shepherds are said to be dangerous dogs, according to the latest research drawn from vets records across the UK, the English Cocker Spaniel is said to be twice as aggressive as other breeds.

If you’re interested in being a puppy parent for the first time, but are worried about which breed will suit you, Will’s got you covered. 

In another clip, he explains that you need a dog who wants to work with you and who is food driven to help it get trained easily.

He claims it’s also ideal to avoid ‘velcro’ dogs who need to be with you at all times, to avoid the stress of separation anxiety. 

So does this breed exist? Yes! 

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There’s two to choose from: A Golden Retriever or a Labrador. 

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