I'm a dream analyst – what it means when you dream about being chased & the physical reason you can’t scream

STRESSFUL dreams are never pleasant to experience.

Certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg has revealed what they actually mean and why they're no reason to worry.

According to Loewenberg, all dreams symbolize something going on in your current life.

"Every single little detail in a dream is connected to something.

"Nothing is ever random in a  dream," she explained to The Sun.

"Everything is a piece of the puzzle, the big picture your subconscious is giving you, even down to the color of the shirt you’re wearing."

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So instead of worrying when you have an uncomfortable dream, she said to try your best to connect the dots about what they actually might be signaling.

Helping others get to the bottom of some unpleasant dreams, she analyzed two types: When you try to speak and nothing comes out and when you're being chased.


"If you’re being chased in your dream that’s a really good indication there’s something going on in your real life you’re trying to avoid," Loewenberg noted.

"So maybe you're trying to avoid a difficult confrontation you need to have with someone, maybe there's a difficult issue you’re trying to distance yourself from."

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She added that past trauma can cause such dreams because even though someone is trying to believe they've moved past the trauma, they might not have successfully done so.

Running away from something may symbolize the person still trying to separate themselves from that trauma.


A very uncomfortable dream people often have is when they try to speak, but absolutely nothing comes out no matter how hard they push.

There's both a physical and metaphorical reason why this happens.

The metaphorical message behind this, according to Loewenberg, is that someone is having a hard time trying to vocalize something on their mind in real life.

"Your dream is showing you you’re just not using your voice well enough," she suggested.

"You need to find a different way to communicate what you're trying to say."

Secondly, you might not be able to vocalize something in your dream because you physically cannot in real life.

"When we are in the dream state, when we enter the REM dream state, the brain paralyzes our skeletal muscles so we don’t get up and act out the dream," Loewenberg explained, adding that "the body does not know the difference between a dream event and waking event."

She continued: "So this paralysis is a built-in safety mechanism so we don’t act it out and harm ourselves, so when we get that dream where we’re trying to scream and nothing comes out it’s because of the paralysis, we can’t open our jaw to do it."


Loewenberg said that seeing a dream expert such as herself or writing down what occurs in your dreams is a great way to get to the bottom of them.

"A good way to figure out what you’re dream is about is to look at what happened the day before, compare the emotions in the dream to the day before, the struggles in the dream, the goals in the dream to the day before," she explained.

"Your dreams are like a helpful commentary from your built-in guru about what’s going on in your life right now and about your previous day."

And for those worried about having scary and uncomfortable dreams, she recommended not stressing about them too much.

"This is my mantra that I’m always saying about dreams: It’s really important to remember that no matter how upsetting to disturbing a dream is, it’s good for you because it’s trying to help you.

"Because ultimately your dreams are a message from you to you about you in order to improve you and sometimes the message has to be brutally honest and painful to hear but it’s good for you," she noted.

Of course, there are plenty of other dreams that people may experience that can be symbolic of other life happenings.

Loewenberg previously dissected what dreams related to death mean for The Sun and commented on what it means to dream about an ex.

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