I'm a fashion expert – 5 items that make mums look old and frumpy & it's time to ditch skinny jeans on the school run | The Sun

FORGET getting the kids looking half decent at the school gates, these days it's all about you.

Rushing to get little ones out of their PJs and into their uniform is less of a priority as mums battle it out on the hardcourt-catwalk for best dressed.

Throwing on your duvet coat to disguise the fact you’re still in your jammies isn’t going to cut it in the fashion playground, but aside from not getting dressed there are mums who try their best but fail.

Here, fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend lists the five items that make mums look frumpy and old.


Unless you’re queuing at the school gates in a cagoule because you’re helping out on a school trip that day, you should never wear one. 

Usually that inbetweeny length that hits mid thigh with a creased hood flapping in the wind, the anoraks shapeless and usually dull colour makes anyone look out of style and dowdy. 

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The I-do-everything-mum who is always ready for action in zip off trousers with umpteen pockets on the sides filled with suncream, plasters and snacks is always the one that gets the eye roll.

Not just for the overly officiant parenting but for those ugly, unstylish and frumpy trousers. 

A big no-no. Next.

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Unless of course it's a medical requirement orthopaedic shoes should never be worn for pick up or drop off. 

Clunky and dated that make you look like you’ve given up on yourself and have no sense of what looks good. Avoid.

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Bouncing on your thigh or mum-tum as you stride up to the gate and hanging there too long so if you need anything from your bag you have to do the awkward lean down – cringe.

You may think you’re gaining style points by wearing a crossbody bag but when it's too low you slip from fabulous to frumpy, instantly.


Once the coolest thing you could own are now the most unstylish of trousers, second to those zip-offs of course.

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Not only are skinny jeans unflattering, they're drabb and old-fashioned making you look older beyond your wears.

And worse still are the mums who are clinging onto their maternity jeans because they’re too comfortable to let go, tragic. 

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