I’m a fashion expert – the style you need to avoid if you have an hourglass body shape, it makes you look like a box | The Sun

A FASHION pro has revealed there’s a specific style you must avoid if you have an hourglass body shape. 

Razia Amini often uses her social media account to share her tips and tricks about “everyday fashion”. 

In one such video, she explained that there’s a trendy outfit style that often makes people with an hourglass shape look like a box. 

“There’s some clothes that will never look good on you no matter what you do and it’s because of your body shape,” she said. 

She then stepped back from the camera to reveal herself wearing a turtleneck dress that had no shape to it. 

Razia said: “As an hourglass body, when you’re wearing something that’s looser fitting – basically making you look a lot box-ier – will also make you look wider.”

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Using herself as an example, she explained that her hips are the widest part of her body while her waist is “really small”. 

Tightening the waist section of the dress, she demonstrated her point. 

“And because my waist is really small, this is not doing really too much justice for my body because I look not only square, but I look wider,” she continued. 

She then produced a thin belt from Amazon and wrapped it around her waist to show what the dress looks like when it accentuates her waist. 

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“It looks much more structured, much more fitted when it comes to my body,” she went on. 

“It hugs my waist while not making me look as boxy.” 

She went on to share that in order to elevate the look, she could wear a blazer over it. 

“But if I let it out loose, it would not do justice to my body shape – it would just make me look large,” TikTok user @razia_are added. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “Ugh yes this is why I am struggling with the trends rn bc everything is loose fitting or oversized”.

Another said: “Omg I now realize my issue!!!”

A third posted: “We have the same body shape…thank you for the tips,” followed by a sad face emoji.

“Soo true. I love my baggy clothes but I need to put something fitted on underneath that will still show,” a fourth agreed.

While a fifth added: “This is so true! I have pear shape and you are so right”.

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