I'm a gym girl – creepy men won't stop staring at me when I work out, I'm never coming back | The Sun

A GYM girl has shared a video of a man invading her personal space during her workout after she claims he was staring at her.

Gina, who posts to TikTok using the handle @ginaveelay, said she's never going back to the gym after the creepy interaction.

"Be careful out here girlies cause wtf," Gina captioned her video.

Gina explains the situation in her video, beginning by saying that the "creep" entered her "personal bubble" during her workout.

"The gym was practically empty and so many corners to be in and he chose this one," the on-screen text read.

"I've been in this corner for 10mins before him and only had one set left."

The man can be seen moving around behind her.

"So I started recording him so now we're all uncomfortable together," the on-screen text continues.

"He was literally staring at my pikachiu before this.

"I am never coming back to this gym," the text continues as the man moves almost directly behind her.

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Gina's video has been viewed more than 954,000 times.

TikTokers were divided in the comments section.

Some felt that the man's behavior was inappropriate while others felt that the gym belongs to everyone.

"Yea not good bro . He totally knew what he doing,
one person wrote.

"And there still will be people that r gonna say he’s just working out… like he knew what he doing," someone else said.

"It’s a gym and a shared space," another chimed in.

"yes yes, be careful girlies because some guy will try to workout in a gym while you're also in a gym," someone else wrote.

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