I'm a gym girl – people claim I 'wear revealing clothes to get men's attention', it's really so I can check myself out | The Sun

A GYM enthusiast is getting fed up with men thinking she’s only there to attract their attention.

Forget it, guys she says, the only attention she wants is her own.

TikToker Sabs (@_sabrinajanine) loves pumping iron and a good workout, but it can get hot and sweaty.

So she wears colourful cute shorts and midriff-baring vests tops to keep cool.

But some gym-goers are getting the wrong idea.

“Women wear revealing clothes to the gym to get men’s attention,” is one comment she’s had to face.

Listen up, she says. The only reflection she’s interested in is hers.

“Me checking myself out between sets,” she beams proudly as she stands looking at her reflection in the gym mirror.

The gym is the last place she goes searching for a male gaze.

Instead, once at the bench press, it’s down to serious business and it’s time to lift some weights.

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“I’m focussed on me, myself and I at the gym,” Sabs says in her latest video.

“I wear my cute gym clothes so I can check out the pump in between sets,” she adds proudly while checking out her ripped body in the gym’s mirror.

Many comments related to her post. All agreed, they went to the gym for themselves and not for male attention.

One comment typified others: “I look good for myself. I don’t care about others. I wanna see myself in the mirror and be like, ‘Woman, who’s that’.”

Another said: “Yes, confidence goes way up so you continue pushing through.”

“This hit home because you’re absolutely right,” said this follower.

It’s not your problem another comment said: “No it spells confidence. If you think it's for anything else then you are jealous.”

Finally, an incredulous viewer: “I do this too and then I get a guy at the mirror thinking I’m checking him out, like bruv, I’m looking at my ass.”

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