I’m a lash tech and there are five things I HATE customers doing… and insisting they ‘aren’t picky’ is one of them

A LASH tech has revealed the most annoying things a client can do – and it turns out there are some things you should just never say.

We all know that cancelling your appointment at the last minute is an irritating thing to do, but some of these no-no's are truly surprising. 

Lash tech Ipek, from London, has seven years of experience in giving her clients luscious lashes, and she’s been in the business long enough to know what red flags to look out for.

In a recent Tiktok video, she listed the five most annoying things a client can say or do.

She said these are her “red flags in lashing”.

The first thing on the list is when a client shows up and says: “I love my lash tech but wanted to try someone new.”

Secondly, she thinks it’s a bad sign when a customer says: “I don’t like getting my lashes wet”

“They say I’m picky but I’m not that bad”, is another statement Ipek thinks is a bonafide warning sign.

The next two are obvious sins against beauticians.

Ipek said when someone doesn’t show up on their first ever appointment, it sets alarm bells ringing.

And finally, when a client refuses to pay a booking fee, Ipek knows they’ll be a tricky customer.

Commenters were confused about Ipek’s pet peeves.

One wrote: “The first one I don’t understand, I loved my other lash tech but wanted to try someone new (my current lady) because I wanted a different style and didn’t wanna drive 40 minutes”

“Wait why the getting them wet thing, I don’t like getting them wet because they stick together is that bad??”, asked another.

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