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SEPARATING whites from colors and adding detergent are basic laundry steps, but attention to detail matters.

One laundry pro shared her pre-wash checklist and you probably forget to do most of it.

TikTok user KD enjoys sharing little tips, tricks, and cheap finds with her followers.

In a recent video, she covers the necessary things to do before washing a load of clothes.

Her five tips are simple, but it's easy to overlook them.

All you need to do is pay attention to the details within your clothes.


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Before throwing your favorite sweatshirts in the machine, KD says to zip them up.

The hoodie won't get stretched out or tangled with other clothes.

To ensure that every part of your pants is being thoroughly washed, turn the pockets inside out.

Following the same method for preventing tangled clothes, KD explains that all strings need to be tied.

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If you're washing a pair of sweatpants or a top with ties in the back, you should always tie the strings together so they don't get twisted with everything else.

For an item that stays on your feet all day, you should clean it well.

KD says to uncurl and straighten out all of your socks before you wash them.

Lastly, turning your clothes inside out never hurts.

According to 2ULaundry, In The Wash, and Tidy Diary, turning your clothes inside out before washing them helps remove sweat stains better, keeps the colors vibrant, and reduces friction in the machine.

KD explains that this is especially important to do for cotton shirts.

Viewers were surprised by these necessary laundry hacks.

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"Awwhhh mannnnn I didn’t know thissssss," one user commented.

Another viewer wrote: "This is exactly how my mom taught me to do laundry. Everything gets washed thoroughly and your shirts with prints last longer!"

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