I’m a mum-of-three at 19 after falling pregnant for the first time at 14 – even my teachers have shamed me

A TEEN mum has shared her experience of having three kids by the time she was 19 and the criticism that comes with it, including how her teacher shamed her for falling pregnant at 14.

TikTok user Kayte (@babiesandk) is known for opening up about her teen pregnancies on social media in a bid to reassure and offer advice to other young mums.

Kayte, now 22, first fell pregnant when she was 14 years old and gave birth to her first child, Casey, at 15.

While she says her first pregnancy was actually her "easiest" out of the three – she had her second baby, Summer, at 16 and third, Rayleigh, at 19 – the mum-of-three admits she was "absolutely terrified" when she first found out she was pregnant.

Kayte says she felt like her life was going to "fall apart" and cried when she took the pregnancy test.

Now, however, she says getting pregnant so young was the "best thing that ever happened" to her – even if she's had to deal with her fair share of judgement.

In one of her videos, Kayte reveals she was shamed by her teacher before she dropped out of school in year 10.

She says her teacher "announced her pregnancy to the whole school", so she never went back again.

Responding to someone in the comments of her post, Kayte slammed the teacher's actions as "unprofessional", as she said: "Was honestly so unprofessional!

"I was going to continue school until he did that, then I was [too] embarrassed to go back."

Kayte never returned to school and admits she lost a lot of friends, as a result.

"When I couldn't meet up/talk with them all the time, they began to drop off or I cut them off because they didn't understand," she says.

"I had to focus on my family, so now my circle is very small."

Kayte says online that her parents were very supportive of her as a teen mum and while she loves being a parent, she wouldn't recommend falling pregnant at 14.

Now, she is able to financially support her family, Kayte is hoping to have a fourth baby with her partner and wants to take courses to help her get her dream job of being a horror movie director or videographer.

Opening up her page to questions, Kayte is often asked if her kids share the same dad. She had her first two children, Casey and Summer, with her ex and shares Rayleigh, her third child, with her current partner.

She has also opened up on her children's births and said each one was completely different.

Kayte recalls her first birth at 15 as the "easiest" and "painless" after having an epidural – which she had to wait 40 minutes for her dad to sign off at the hospital.

With her second child, at 16, Kayte says the contractions were "horrible", but her daughter was small so she was "easy to push out".

Her third birth, however, was her most difficult as she dislocated her tailbone during labour due to her son Rayleigh being so big and getting stuck.

From her experience as a teen mum, Kayte says she's had to face plenty of criticism from others, like people constantly assuming she "doesn't know how to take care" of her kids.

Other assumptions she faces are people presuming she has "no money", that she's "stupid" so they talk over her and that she's "single and sleeps around".

Despite the judgement she faces on a daily basis, Kayte says she loves being a young mum and is praised by others for being so honest about her own experience.

"Don't listen, they need to mind their business because you know exactly what you're doing and you're providing for you and your kids very well," commented on person on her video.

Another said: "I mean it's sad you didn't have much of a childhood, but you ain't the first to be a teen mum. Looks to me you're just fine (sic)."

A third wrote: "Love your little family, I had 4 by 21."

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