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WITH summer here and a heatwave on the way, babies and young children are particularly vulnerable to overheating.

It’s extremely important to keep young children and babies cool in the sweltering heat, especially as they can’t tell us when they’re too hot. 

According to the NHS overheating can lead to an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Talking to The Mirror sleep nanny, Lucy Shrimpton, shared some of her top tips for keeping babies and young children from overheating.

Dress the baby appropriately for the heat

Your baby may be at risk of overeating at night if they aren’t wearing suitable clothing.


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Lucy says that if the room is quite hot, say over 25 degrees for most of the night, sleeping in just a nappy and thin vest top will be good for the baby, rather than putting them in pyjamas.

If the room is between 20-23 degrees, she suggests dressing them in a short baby-grow or shorts and t-shirt style pyjamas.

In hot temperatures you should only use cotton bed sheets and avoid any waterproof mattress covering – these can hold heat and make your baby sweat more.

A nice refreshing bath before bed

A quick bath before going to bed can cool your baby down from the day's activities.

Either lukewarm water, or slightly colder than usual will do the trick just fine – just be sure the water isn’t too cold.

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Get a room thermometer

A room thermometer is a useful item to purchase as it takes away any guesswork in ensuring your baby is dressed suitably for the temperature in their bedroom.

Checking the baby’s temperature & making sure it’s accurate

The best way to check your baby’s temperature is to use a thermometer as this will give the most accurate result.

If you don’t have a thermometer you’ll need to check if they are hot to touch.

In regards to this, the NHS say:

“When you check your baby, make sure they're not too hot. If your baby is sweating or their tummy feels hot to the touch, take off some of the bedding. 

“Do not worry if their hands or feet feel cool – this is normal.”

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Keep your baby calm

As a baby, or young child, gets more and more frustrated this can cause their temperature to rise too, and can lead them overheating.

To counter this just  get a cool flannel or cold compress and dab gently on the baby.

Try to create a breeze

Open all windows on the floor on which your baby sleeps, to create an airflow that can help keep them cool.

You can also try pulling curtains two-thirds of the way across to block out the hot sun, if you do this with the windows open it will stop the sun shining directly on your baby and allow for a breeze to help prevent overheating.

Another option is to open your loft hatch if you have one – this will allow the heat to rise and escape through the roof.

Consider moving the baby’s room

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If you are able to then consider moving your baby to a cooler room in the house.

Obviously this may not be an option for everyone – so just be sure to use some of Lucy’s other tips to keep your baby from overheating.

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