I'm a parenting guru and there's four tips I swear by that'll get any toddler potty trained in five days | The Sun

GETTING your toddler out of nappies and completely potty trained can be quite the task.

But a parenting guru, who posts under the acronym @noranibaby, has taken to TikTok to share some tips to help get your toddler potty trained within just five days.

In the clip, the mum-of-four begins by offering her first piece of advice: "Buy them a little seat."

"There's ones on Amazon that have step stools, but make sure it's a comfortable environment for them," the parenting pro says.

Next up, she explains: "Start by buying potty training books and in the week leading up to potty training, read those books during the bedtime routine."

For her third tip, the TikTok user says to "bare the bum" and get rid of nappies.


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"When you're potty training for those five days, make sure you're home during the day and make sure your baby is not wearing any diapers," she explains.

To conclude her list of top tips the parenting guru concludes: "The most important thing is to make it fun.

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"You want the entire experience to be a pleasant one.

"So what I like to do is make a board. You can either make one or buy one, but do a reward system with stickers and at the end of all of this they get a prize.

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"So they're working towards a prize and they love that!"

The post has since garnered a whopping 120,000 views and been flooded with comments from grateful parents up and down the country.

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"Yup and this is exactly how I potty trained my son and daughter at 2 1/2 yrs old ! They loved the potty chart," enthused one.

A second commented: "I can proudly say I potty trained my 4 kids at the age of 2 exactly that week and they learned in 3 days."

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