I’m a single mum & built a new FLAT inside my £139k home – I rent it out for extra cash

THIS single mum took her DIY project to the next level, by building an entire property within her family home to rent out.

Ane Elizabeth Killingberg, from Norway, bought a three-bedroom and one-bathroom home last September for around £139,000.

She purposely chose a fixer-upper with the intention of transforming the property and she wasted no time in getting to work.

Ane wanted to create an entirely new flat within her home, to use as an investment and to rent out.

The revamp has completely altered the layout of the living space.

The new flat fashions a bathroom, kitchen, living room and a bedroom – which gives Ane the opportunity to make thousands.

By switching up the layout of hallway, she was able to use the original entrance as a guest bedroom.

She also managed to make another bedroom out of her kitchen and moved all of her appliances into the living area, which had been made into an open-place space.

Ane added a soundproof door to the flat, ensuring that whoever moves in still has their privacy.

Her family home has now been downsized slightly to three smaller bedrooms, a join kitchen and living space, one bathroom and one toilet.

As well as creating the flat, Ane tackled the existing rooms of her house, which now look unrecognisable.

She had a little help from her dad, as well as paying for professional help when it came to the plumbing and electricity.

Ane said: “I have done a lot myself, which has been difficult managing at times with being a single mom and also a full-time job.”

The mum works with newly arrived refugees in Norway.

Having undertaken two DIY projects before, Ane knew she was more than capable to pull it off – even if she did have a tiny bit of help.

She said the new flat will be small, but it will contain all the amenities needed and designed with tasteful décor.

To spruce up her own home, Ane revamped old cabinets in the kitchen, gave the walls a lick of paint and installed new flooring to give the room a modern look.

Ane has spent around £56,000 so far, but plans to continue refurbishing the other bedrooms, as well as her hallway.

She said: “The most enjoyable part for me is when I just was finished with all the groundwork and finally got to painting.

"Then the changes were just immediate.”

Ane said she is overjoyed with the outcome and can’t wait to finish the whole project.

She said that good planning is also essential to staying on top of DIY projects.

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