I’m a size 26 & my BFF’s a 12 – we tried on Christmas party dresses from Simply Be, here’s how they fared | The Sun

TWO women have tried on dresses from Simply Be to show what the outfits look like on their different figures.

Laura Adlington, who is a size 26, and her friend Lottie Drynan, who is a size 12, tried on the same frocks from Simply Be to see what they look like on their different body shapes – and they’ve been left open-mouthed. 

In a clip shared on social media which Laura captioned ‘Same dress, different bodies, Party looks from Simply Be’, we saw the two women try on three festive outfits. 

Lottie said: “Hi, I'm Lottie and I'm a size 12.”

Laura then chimed in: “Hi, I'm Laura and I'm a size 26.”

The size 12 fashionista then explained: “We are on a mission to find some gorgeous party wear that looks great on everybody and today we've ordered from Simply Be.”

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The besties first tried on a beautiful pink dress, to which Lottie explained: “I have to say, I really love this one. I feel like it is a perfect winter wedding dress.”

Laura then added: “It’s so nice not being black. Some of us, with party wear, we automatically go for black.

“Really, really comfortable. Beautiful print and I really like the arm detail as well. Love it.”

The duo then tried on a sparkly black skirt, which they paired with a teal top, to which Lottie revealed: “I really thought I was gonna like a bit of a stuffed sequiny sausage here but I'm physically surprised.

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“If I was to order again, I'd probably go for a size up just for comfort.

“But I think even with a jumper for Christmas Day. Lovely.”

When it came to the final dress, a stunning, black wrap dress, Laura claimed: “I love this dress. I think it's a nice twist on a classic.

“It's got the most beautiful sparkle detail. But it’s not in your face.

“I love the wrap detail.”

Lottie then agreed: “I feel like it's a great party staple. It's gonna feel great.

“I obviously love the sparkle.

“That would look cool on the dance floor.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @lauraadlington just 14 hours ago, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 107,600 views. 

Social media users enjoyed the clip and were eager to share their thoughts on the festive finds in the comments. 

One person said: “You both look great in each of those outfits!”

Another added: “Absolutely love that pink dress.”

A third commented: “Laura, that second outfit was made for you. You look great in all of them but wow the second was a sensation.”

Whilst someone else wrote: “I love this idea ladies! Both look great.”

At the same time, another fashion fan penned: “I think the black dresses are too old for you both, love the second on both of you!” 

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