I'm a teacher who's been dubbed the world's hottest mom – everyone’s shocked when they find out how old I am | The Sun

A TEACHER who has been dubbed the world's hottest mum said everyone is stunned when they find out how old she is.

Joleen Diaz, 45, from San Francisco, shot to fame on Instagram after stunning people with her youthful appearance.

She said she and her daughter often get mistaken for sisters despite their 23-year age gap. 

The single mum even gets younger men sliding into her private messages on a regular basis.

With 639,000 followers on Instagram, Joleen often shares her tips and tricks for keeping her youthful appearance.

She puts her youthful glow down to good old-fashioned clean living, and she said she started taking care of her skin when she was 12 or 13 years old.

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But people still can't believe how old she really is.

One follower commented: "So your whole family doesn't age? That's crazy."

Another said: "I will never understand how you're 45."

A third wrote: "Are you the mum or the daughter?"

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Others said she was "born in the wrong generation".

Speaking to Fox News, Joleen revealed how she grew up as a tomboy, how she was coping with her new found fame — and why being an elementary school teacher helps.

Explaining how it all started, she said: “It actually started [when] my daughter posted this social media video that all the kids were doing about hot moms.

“I think that’s how the name got started.”

She was also quick to point out that “there are a lot of hot moms out there".

And Joleen isn't short for male suitors – many of her thousands of Instagram followers often ask her out on dates.

She said: "I do get younger men messaging me on my social media.  

"The majority of the messages are very polite and most are very complimentary and positive about me promoting a positive lifestyle.

"They do ask to go out on a date, maybe dinner or a hike, but I know that this is just curiosity and not a real intent on pursuing anything more than the narrative they think of me.

"When younger men ask me out on dates, I find it equally as flattering as men my age or older asking me out.

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“I think it takes a lot of courage to approach someone and ask them to meet with you one-on-one.

“I think some younger men tend to fantasise a bit more about what it would be like dating someone older, where men my age or older are more pragmatic and looking for someone to enjoy simple things in life."

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