I’m a traveller & here’s what dating gypsy boys is like…they say the same thing about Tyson Fury & are barred from pubs | The Sun

A TRAVELLER girl has taken to social media to open up on what dating gypsy boys is like.

Caitlin and Lizzy Mac, also known on TikTok as The Mac Sisters are Irish Traveller sisters who have amassed an impressive 336.3k followers and 8.5million likes on the video sharing platform.

In one of their recent clips, we saw Caitlin act out scenarios and conversations that she claims often happen when dating a traveller man.

In the clip, which was shared with the caption ‘He could have been the next Tyson Fury girls ??’ Caitlin pretended to be a male traveller.

She claimed that they are often barred from pubs and bars and would ask: “Where do you wanna go? Can’t, I’m barred from there.”

As a result of this, she claimed that they would always want to go to Nando's and so would say: “I’m not allowed in those ends, let’s go to Nando's.”

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Caitlin also claimed that gypsy boys would often ask if a woman was dating anyone else.

She said that they would question: “So you’ve never had a boyfriend? You’re chatting to someone? How long? A week? That’s alright then. What’s their last name?”

Not only this, but Caitlin claimed that when a traveller man’s phone rings, they would often note: “Ah it’s just someone from the job. What are you looking at my phone for anyway? We’re not going out with each other yet.”

Caitlin also went on to say that gypsy men often say the same thing about boxer Tyson Fury.

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She claimed that they would brag: “If I never had my knee injury, I could’ve been a boxer like Tyson [Fury].”

The brunette beauty also spoke about traveller men and how they are protective of their phones. 

She claimed that they would say: “You want my password? I don’t know my password. Tell you what, I’ll make a new one.”

And finally, according to Caitlin, many traveller men would often repeat the same line before leaning in for a kiss.

She claimed that they would ask: “We’ve been going with each other for a month now, do you want to run away?” before reaching in for a snog.

Caitlin’s video has clearly made many people laugh, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 2.3million likes.

It has 267.6k likes, 2,139 comments and 1,861 shares.

Many other women could relate to Caitlin and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Bro, this is so spot on. I used to chill with a traveller boy, and EVERY SINGLE DAY he’d say all of this.” 

Another added: “So accurate ?” 

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A third commented: “The boxing is so legit.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “THE LEVEL OF SPOT ON?”

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