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HAVE you ever needed to decorate an entire room but didn't know where to begin with buying furniture?

It can be tempting to buy matching furniture and call it a day, but according to one interior designer that's the worst thing you could do.

Phoenix Grey explained that although the idea of matching furniture might be nice, in reality to never looks good.

He confessed that he "detests" matching sets and added, "I will never buy all matching pieces."

But just because you should avoid those matching Ikea furniture sets doesn't mean your rooms can't look cohesive and intentionally designed.

According to Phoenix, the best way to do this is to "find pieces that work well together that don't have the same finish, but complement each other."

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Instead of matching bedside tables try two different items that work well together.

The pro said: "I personally only have room for one large nightstand and on the other side I've used two nesting tables that complement it."

He continued: "You'll never actually see both of them side by side, but cohesively they work well together."

Phoenix opted for a walnut nightstand, which works well with the colour and finish of the brass nesting tables.

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If you're unsure where to begin think about colours and finishes that work well together but don't look too matchy matchy.

And although you can probably get away with having one or two things that match, if all the furniture in a room is exactly the same it'll end up looking dated, according to Phoenix.

Focusing and things that work together but aren't identical might take slightly more time to find, but will give the room a much more curated look and wont look tacky.

viewers agreed that matching furniture was a big no-no, one said: "I've just had my furniture store cancel the bedside tables that match my headboard, I'm so ready to find something different now."

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