I’m body-shamed for my post-baby look, people say I’m not skinny anymore – it’s hurtful, I’m trying | The Sun

BECOMING a mum is one of the most beautiful moments in anyone's life.

But despite feeling a new kind of love whilst holding your baby and forgetting all the pain you just went through, there's no denying that there are also other changes in your life now – ones that can be challenging to accept.

These, more often than not, concern your body and how it's drastically transformed during the pregnancy.

And the new mum Taiya (@taiyaofficial), 23, believed to be from the US, knows how difficult the new chapter can be.

Before falling pregnant with her son, the beauty enthusiast used to be on the slimmer side – but ultimately, like most, soon began piling on the pounds.

In the end, weight kept on creeping on and she found herself over seven stone heavier.

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But despite loving he child to bits and excited for the journey ahead, Taiya revealed it's not been easy, especially as she's also constantly trolled by critics who compare her Before and After body.

However, that hasn't broken the strong mum's spirit, as she shared a video hitting back at all the unkind remarks.

''Yeah, I'm aware. I'm struggling with it myself and working on it.

''Society's beauty standards are unrealistic…STOP BODYSHAMING!'' she urged.

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''Everyone has a story…

''Things change, we change, we learn, we grow. That’s what life’s about. It’s not supposed to be easy,'' the stunning mum went on in the caption.

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Kind TikTok users flocked to comments to show support to the 23-year-old, whose video has racked up almost 2million views.

''Girl, get dressed, throw some makeup and heels on and sing! Never stop! That weight means nothing, YOU ar [are] still you,'' one fan sent love.

A second reminded: ''Size doesn’t define you as a person your beautiful love yourself no matter what.''

Fellow mums shared their struggle with coming to accept their post-baby bodies.

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''Honestly thank you for posting this I gained 70 pounds during pregnancy and now my baby is almost 10 months and I’ve only lost 25 and I’m trying but [sad emoji],'' a parent penned.

''Having children has absolutely changed my body. It’s so hard to look back at those old pictures and like the current me!'' another revealed.

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