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A WOMAN who is known as ‘Mrs Christmas’ has shared her honest thoughts on Blackpool’s Christmas market.

The savvy woman, who posts online under the name ‘JoGlo’, explained that she ‘couldn’t stay away’ from the markets last Christmas, but this year, was bitterly disappointed.

While she claimed that there was no festive cheer, and her favourite hot chocolate hut had disappeared, she also recognised the 'extortionate' prices too.

Sharing her disappointment on social media, the woman claimed: "When the Christmas market fails to deliver. Was SO much better last year!! For me anyways.” 

In the short clip, we saw the Christmas fan at the market, wearing a white woolly hat.

As she panned the camera to show off the huts and rides, she said: “You will not believe me, but I've come here tonight, it's my first chance to have a look around the Blackpool Christmas Market.

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“And I gotta say, you might know me as Mrs Christmas, but I am bitterly disappointed. Disappointed.

“You know, I was looking forward to this. I've been coming here over the last couple of weeks, checking it all out.

“And you know what ruins it? Commercialism.

“All of these huts, even my favourite hot chocolate stall – not here. Probably why I'm not happy.

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“Loads more of these lovely huts – they're beautiful, they look lovely, but they're all full of stuff that is at least three times the usual price.

“Is there any need for it, you greedy f*******s? It just makes it so ugly.”

Not only was she shocked at the prices, but she then claimed that there was no festive cheer either, as she continued: “And there's no atmosphere. It's like all of the lovely Christmas atmosphere that was here last time, it's now been taken over by extortion. 

“And mostly kids ride. So if you're a kid, you're gonna love it.

“So I need to find myself a proper Christmas market, that’s actually about Christmas and fun and, you know, not money grabbing b******s! 

“Seriously, no. Now what am I gonna do?”

She later wrote: “I mean festive commercialism isn’t new, but when something that was so good last year gets ruined by it, the greed becomes too much.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @joglo_coach, has quickly amassed 10,700 views. 

Many others took to the comments to agree with the woman’s claims. 

One person said: “Completely agree, shocking.”

Another added: “Unfortunately, it's the same in every city this time of year.”

A third commented: “We went last night, thought it was ok but not great.” 

Whilst someone else wrote: “We went the other night and the lights where the worst ever, they where shocking.” 

However, another user penned: “As long as the bairns are enjoying it.”

To this, the Christmas lover replied: “Oh I’m certain they are. Plenty to dazzle those innocent eyes!” 

At the same time, someone else asked: “Are the rides expensive?”

But the disappointed woman confirmed: “I didn’t hang around to find out!”

However, others were quick to reassure and disagree with the woman.

One woman shared: “I live in Blackpool, I’ve not seen the chalets open yet, but there will be more atmosphere at the weekend.” 

Whilst a second chimed in: “I totally disagree with you. This year the Winter Wonderland is amazing and well worth a visit. Real Christmas spirit, free ice skating, foods to suit all.”

In response, JoGlo responded: “And that’s fair! We all have differing opinions. 

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“I didn’t feel any atmosphere tonight, but I’m comparing it to last year – I couldn’t stay away then!” 

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