I’m size 6 & my bestie is size 22 – we found ‘gorgeous’ Christmas party outfits from Quiz that look great on all bodies | The Sun

FINDING the perfect outfit for the Christmas party can be tough. Do you go for all out sparkles to make a statement? Or choose something more subtle and sophisticated?

Well, don't fear, as two best friends have found the perfect Christmas party outfits from Quiz – and they look great on all body shapes.

Size 6 Sophie and her bestie Christie, who is a size 22, share outfit inspiration for both their body types on their joint TikTok account @sophieandchristie and also on their Instagram accounts.

The first outfits chosen by the pair were gorgeous black dresses. Sophie opted for a dress with buttons down the front, whereas Christie's dress was adorned with silver glitter.

The girls paired the looks with stunning black heels with silver hearts on the front.

Next, the girls tried on dazzling dark blue sparkly dresses.

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Christie's dress was slightly longer than her bestie Sophie's, who opted for a mini-dress version of the dress.

The girls paired the outfits with simple silver heels to perfectly finish off the look.

Finally, the best friends tried on simple black blazer looks, which would be perfect for a more sophisticated event, such as the work Christmas party.

The long sleeves will also help to keep you warm through the cold winter nights, while still allowing you to show off your sense of style.

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Christie fastened her blazer together to turn it into a blazer dress, whilst Christie paired hers with a bandeau top and simple black trousers.

The pair again paired this look with the black, heart heels worn with the first dress.

After the girls had showed off their outfits, social media users rushed to the video's comments section to praise their outfit choices.

One user, commenting on Instagram said: "I went in quiz today! Couldn’t believe the sparkle and sale!! you girls both look so stunning."

Another user added: "Wow, the blue sequins look amazing on you both."

A third added: "You both look incredible".

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