I’ve got an hourglass figure and a 'bubble butt' – it takes me hours in the gym to maintain but I love it | The Sun

ALTHOUGH some people argue BBL culture is coming to an end, a lot of women still want a “bubble butt”.

A bubble butt is a perfectly round bum that is firm and pops out in tight clothes.

A self-styled bubble butt guru has revealed exactly how she keeps her behind plump and even joked for people to thank her later. 

But maintaining the perfect hourglass figure is no mean feat. 

Fitness coach Mariana – who goes by @maarebeaar online – slaves away in the gym to get her round behind. 

Alongside lunges, squats and deadlifts, she has one secret weapon exercise that she dubs “the most underrated bubble butt exercise”.

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And it’s called “reverse froggers”.

Mariana shared a video demonstrating the move where she lies face down on a gym bench and raises her bent legs up while wearing a resistance band.

Despite looking like it burns, the exercise clearly works as the fitness fanatics bum is still like a “bubble” while she is lying face down. 

She added that she usually does the exercise after a heavy weight lifting workout and does 30 reps to get the maximum burn in her bum

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Fitness fans flocked to the comment to share their amazement.

One person asked: ”How are you even real?”

Another quipped: “Gotta say she is right, I have been using this one for two weeks and I can see a difference.”

When challenged about the exercises efficiency, Mariana clapped back that “the burn you get is fire”.

She said: “I didn’t say it was the best, just underrated.

“The burn you can get is fire, especially when added as a superset. 

“It’s effective and best of all scalable.”

Alongside her fitness videos, Mariana regularly post Tik Toks flaunting her perfectly sculpted body. 

She recently posed in a bikini in the snow, as well as in an igloo in the North Pole.

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