Just 1% of people can do a weird thing with their body – are YOU among the minority? | The Sun

HAVE you ever tried to breathe in through your nose in the middle of a sentence without having to pause to inhale?

If you’ve managed it, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve made it into the esteemed 1% club.

That’s right – over 99% of people usually give up on attempting this trick as their body simply can’t do it. 

In a YouTube video made by popular website Bright Side, which is titled “99% of people give up when trying to do any of these tricks”, the experts highlight how some find the task almost impossible.

They say: “Next time you’re talking to a friend, try to breathe in through your nose, don’t make a pause to inhale. 

“Try to do it in the middle of a sentence while speaking – that can be rather tough. Only about 1% can do that. And they’re usually musicians.”

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The video also unveiled the 17 other things that many struggle to master, as they lifted the lid on whether you’re included in the statistics or not.

These range from the weird to the wonderful, such as touching the tip of your nose (or even your chin!) with your tongue, aka The Gorlin sign – which only 5-10% of the worldwide population can apparently achieve. 

Meanwhile, lots of people also struggle to isolate their ring finger. They explain: “Every time you move your pinky or your middle finger, you’ll move the ring finger too.”

Other body tricks that only a small minority of people can show off include bending your thumb backwards and wiggling their ears intentionally, with only 18% being able to do so.  

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These discoveries seem to have sparked major debate among internet users, with many sharing their stories.

One said: “I’m able to wiggle both of my ears but I can’t wiggle them by themselves.”

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A second said: “My friend can somehow do the bending the top of all of his fingers, even the pinky. Is that a super rare ability?”

While a third chimed in: “My brother can do the moving ears and he’s only 8 and my dad can do it too.” 

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