Little girl ‘traumatised’ when her Luvabella doll won’t stop crying – leaving her mum in hysterics

A LITTLE girl had a meltdown after she couldn’t handle the non-stop crying from her Luvabella doll – leaving her mum in hysterics.

Five-year-old Evelyn Ryan got a little more than she bargained for after she was given the must-have toy for Christmas.

The Luvabella doll is meant to act just like a real baby, with life like features including breathing, talking – and crying.

Evelyn’s mum, Sarah Ryan, told Kidspot her daughter had been asking for the doll “for months”, so she finally gave in and bought her one for Christmas.

But it seems Evelyn, from Australia, couldn’t handle the demands of the Luvabella, and the honeymoon period soon wore off.

The mum-of-three revealed Evelyn was at her wit’s end with the doll, after changing and feeding the doll wouldn’t make it stop crying.

Eventually Evelyn snapped – and left the crying doll outside for 20 minutes.

Sarah captured her daughter’s dramatic breakdown, as she screams that the doll “won’t stop crying”.

She said: “She was very attentive at first, but then started to feel harassed and stressed by the constant demands of the doll.

"She ended up placing the doll outside on a deck chair and left it there crying for about 20 minutes.”

She found the episode hilarious, joking: “I was on the verge of phoning Child Protective Services.”

Sarah added the doll is now firmly switched off, and stashed somewhere in the house.

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