Man and his friend show off their new Turkey teeth at the airport – but things aren't quite as they seem | The Sun

PEOPLE have flocked to Turkey in their thousands to get a cut-price deal on getting their teeth done.

And one man took to TikTok to claim he was one of them, and he and his friend had just got back to England after having their gnashers fixed.

"Just landed in England, we've got our Turkey teeth done," he said.

"We look so good don't we?"

"We look gorgeous," his friend added as she showed off her gleamingly white smile.

"Turkey teeth with my gyal," he wrote over the top of the video.

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People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on the pair's new looks, with one writing: "Holy hell is this for real?"

"Wow they are great pure white look gorgeous," another added.

While a third commented: "it's a joke right?"

He then responded to the comments in another video on his TikTok page.

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"The fact that so many people thought we got our teeth done…." he laughed.

"I really do want to get them done, but not like that."

He showed his actual teeth with a smile, as he said that "they were only McDonald's straws".

"Guys we are joking!!! These are McDonald’s straws," he added in the comments on the original video.

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