Miss Finland ordered out of restaurant over ‘inappropriate outfit’ – but she can’t see the issue with it | The Sun

BEAUTY queen Erika Helin claims she was kicked out of a restaurant for her inappropriate outfit, but she doesn't think there was anything wrong with it.

Erika, who was crowned Miss Finlandin 2018, confessed that she was shocked when she was asked to leave.

The model and social media influencer revealed on Instagram that she was talking with friends when a security guard asked her to leave the Helsinki restaurant.

Erika's pink bralette top, which she paired with a black mini skirt, heels and a matching bag, was 'inappropriate', she says the security guard told her.

She explained on Instagram: "Unexpectedly, the jerk came to get me, told me that I had to leave, dragged me out of the bar.

"Although I didn't object in any way, when I got there, loudly criticised my choice of outfit."


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The model says she could've bought a different outfit from a nearby shop if it had been pointed out to her before she entered the restaurant.

"In my opinion, it is contradictory to even take a customer in if the outfit is not suitable," she added.

But Erika still didn't think there was anything wrong with her outfit in the first place.

"Maybe I'm too used to the dressing culture of my other home country – much more relaxed there," she mused.

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After the incident Erika shared a series of pictures of the 'inappropriate' outfit and slammed the security guard for being a 'misogynist'.

Some users agreed that the outfit wasn't appropriate to wear to a resuaurant though.

One said: "Looks more like maybe a bikini top and you can't go to a bar in them."

A second commented: "Apparently you were planning to go to the beach?"

But others agreed that she should be able to wear whatever she wants.

"Get out of where you can't dress as you want," one quipped.

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