Mum says her heart 'nearly burst' when twins who usually wrestle are caught cuddling across their cots on night cam

A MUM has revealed how her heart nearly "burst with love" after she spotted her twins cuddling over the bars of their cot.

Laura Dalton from Aberdeenshire had recently put her twin boys Jacob and Noah down for an afternoon nap when she saw them on the baby monitor cam.

Explaining they're usually wrestling with each other, the 28-year-old mum-of-two expected the identical twins to be up to mischief and says she "couldn't believe it" when she saw them cuddling.

The boys can be seen leaning over each other's cots to have a cuddle, even stopping to gaze at each other at one point.

Admin assistant Laura said: "They have a brilliant bond. This made me burst with love.

"Because they do fight over toys, it’s lovely to know they love each other. I couldn't believe it when I saw them hugging on the monitor.

"They are quite cuddly boys anyway. They're either wrestling or cuddling – there seems to be no in between. They either want to hug or fight.

"But when they've been fighting all day, it's great to see [them hugging].

"This was actually during their nap time. They were just going down for their afternoon nap.

"They never normally go to sleep straight away. They'll romp about in their cots and chuck their teddies from one bed to the other.

"When I saw them I thought 'oh my god, how cute'. I'm quite used to them having a cuddle anyway, but it was the fact they were upstairs on their own.

"It's their safe haven in the bedroom. Doing it of their own accord is very sweet.

"Normally, if Noah is sitting playing with something happily, Jacob will want it. He won't just want his own ball, he'll want both of them."

Laura quickly sent the clip to her fiance, Fraser Cantlay who thought the special moment was "adorable".

The parents want to keep hold of the video to show the boys when they're older.

"Fraser thought it was adorable too. I sent him the video at work and he said it was a brilliant video," said Laura.

"So many people have said it needs to go viral. I'll save this for when they're older to show them.

"In a few years' time, they'll be getting up to all kinds of mischief, but they can't just yet, so they're cuddling instead."

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