Mum shares clever way she crams even more rubbish into her black bags to stop them overflowing | The Sun

AS MUCH as we all enjoy the festive period there's usually a lot more rubbish to deal with than most of the time.

Whether it's packaging from presents or a post Christmas declutter – it can be hard to get on top of it all.

But one savvy mum has shared a clever little trick to help get that bit more into rubbish bags that are already on the full side.

She shared exactly what to do on TikTok and it turns out it's so easy to do as well.

"This time of the year it's a bit of a squeeze in the bin.

"Make a small hole in the side of your bag, use a vacuum to suck out the air.


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"Then place some tape over the hole, ta-dah," she said.

And if you're worried about grim smells, the mum assured viewers that "food waste goes in a separate bin."

Since being posted, the clip has been viewed over 260k times and people couldn't believe they hadn't already thought of the trick.

Parents praised the mum for sharing the hack as well.

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One wrote: "You show us this NOW? I gotta go through my bins now."

A second said: "Nice one, the xmas wrapping paper and toy packaging needs this doing, thank you."

And another joked: "Me seeing this after jumping in my bin for the third time."

Meanwhile, someone else mused: "Can you use to top of the bag?"

But the mum explained that she did that last year and it doesn't work quite as well.

"I feel like this is super obvious but I think it lets out the air too quickly when you tie it off," she said.

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