Mum shares simple £2 hack that will double your fridge space – and people think it’s genius

IT’S THE season of over indulging – but having more food in the house than usual can lead to cramped cupboards and an overflowing fridge.

But a nifty hack is sweeping the internet that allows you to double the space in your fridge using an item most of us already have at home.

A US mum took to a Facebook mum’s group to reveal the easiest way to make extra shelving space in the household appliance is to repurpose a cooking rack commonly used for baking.

You simply place your bowl or dish on a shelf, then place the wire rack on top and you can squeeze another tray or container on top. Genius!

She shared a photo of her packed fridge to illustrate the space maximisation tip on the weekend and it has since blown up online, with many declaring it “brilliant”.

“That is super smart!” one person wrote.

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“I am so impressed,” another said.

While one person declared the woman was “so smart”.

“I seriously have no idea how I never thought of this!” someone else declared.

The simple but effective trick has been so well received, many others have begun sharing it online with the hashtag #lifehack.

You can pick up a wire rack for just £2 at Wilko.

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