Mum shares simple jumper ‘kisses’ hack which stops her girl feeling nervous as she goes back to school

GOING back to school can be upsetting for kids, but a mum has come up with a very creative solution to help her youngest daughter. 

The savvy woman says she sews two little kisses onto her school jumper so she can always look down and think of her mum. 

The mum shared a sweet photo on Facebook showing the uniform jumper with the two crosses on the sleeve. 

She wrote: “Thought I would share a little tip.

“Our youngest has always had a hard time saying ‘goodbye at the preschool/school gates’ she’s very clingy in general. 

“With the restrictions going back to school on toys & her comfort scarf (mine doused in 1 of her favourite perfume bottles of mine) I had to think quick.

“I chose to sew on two little kisses that get fully charged with more before drop off, so that when ever she feels worried/sad that she is missing me she can look at/feel/kiss her sleeve & feel happy again.

“It may last only temporary but for now it seems to be working, smiles all round on day 1!”

The adorable hack has clearly struck a chord with parents on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group  and has racked up a staggering 24,000 likes. 

One wrote: “Such a lovely idea full of warmth!

Another added: “I usually draw a love heart on my daughters index finger and tell her if she needs a hug then place her thumb on her finger. 

“(I also do this on my finger) by the time she comes home the heart has gone with all the hugging.”

Millions of kids across England returned to school on Tuesday for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began in March.

Four in ten schools in England welcomed back pupils for the autumn term yesterday, with the rest reopening later this week.

Some 97 per cent of schools are ready to reopen fully in the next few days.

But parents who keep their children home will face fines for doing so, it was confirmed.

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